You deserve to feel financially empowered.


You may not know where to start.

We recognize that you want to feel financially empowered and free. 

In order to do that, you need holistic, personalized wealth guidance.

The problem is you don’t know where to start or who to trust.  


Feel overwhelmed, overlooked or underserved?

Underserved? Worried you aren't getting the attention you deserve? 

Concerned that you may be taken advantage of when it comes to your wealth management needs?

We understand.


You deserve holistic and customized advice.

You deserve holistic, customized guidance so you can do with your wealth and your future as you please.

We know what it is like to feel as though you are not sure how to find the right person to guide your financial life.

It is why we have taken all our experience managing a lot of money for a lot of people for a long time to create Zuma Wealth for you.

Women over 50: Your Money Questions Answered

What was the last money mistake you made? If you’re like most women, you’ve made at least one upsetting money mistake in the past year — and you’d like to do better. In fact, most women admit their finances have not gotten better over the past year. And at least half of them say the real problem is that their money mistakes have turned into bad financial habits.

Guide. Grow. Guard.



We guide your wealth. Have questions about investments, taxes, retirement? We will guide your unique circumstances.

Introductory and Exploration Meetings, result in your unique Wealth Action Plan, never the one-size-fits-all that is the industry standard.

We have managed billions of dollars for hundreds of people like you. We have the perspective that comes from living through the bull and markets of the past two decades.

You benefit from that experience, as well as the expertise that comes with working with a team that has earned the CFP® (the gold standard for financial planning), CFA (the gold standard for investment management).



We grow your fortune so you can do with your wealth as you please.

Keeping up to speed on the global stock markets, interest rates, and the latest investment strategies and processes are critical to growing wealth.  We do that for you.

Our financial strategies are rooted in rigorous proof of concept research and adjusted when needed to incorporate changes that can occur over time.



Warren Buffet has famously quipped that the #1 rule is to guard your wealth.  The #2 rule is to never forget rule #1.

Big waves and calm waters can be challenging to navigate or predict.  For instance, in March  2020 the U.S. stock market was stormy, losing more than 30% and interest rates collapsed to historic lows. In 2017, waters were calm all year.  Terri has managed client money through all types of markets and will guard your wealth through storms.

Here is how we do it.

Ask us your questions. Tell us your goals. Put your plan in motion.



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Our Services


Investment Planning

Through developing a personalized investment strategy, diversification, and avoiding short-term distractions, we aim to help create and preserve your wealth so you reach your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning shouldn’t start at retirement; it should start well before. We take a long-term view of your financial wellbeing to help create a life after work that is as well-planned as your life while working.

Financial Planning

Whether it’s owning your own home, funding your children’s education, or creating a stress-free retirement, a financial plan is considered vital in working towards your goals. We use a consultative approach to create a financial plan that aims to meet your objectives.