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Terri Named Top 10 Inspiring Women

Terri's efforts to educate and assist women with their wealth earned her top accolades.

Terri Spath, CFA, CFP Founder & Chief Investment Officer of ZumaWealth, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 | IERA Women Leaders (

Business Insider Profile article

In a follow-up to the cover story Business Insider profiling Terri Spath, the esteemed financial publisher continues its coverage.

Investing Advice for Volatile Markets: Terri Spath, Zuma Wealth (

Terri talks pre-Thanksgiving about the early start to a 2023 Santa Claus rally.

As the November stock market continues to move higher, Terri talks with the anchors of Bloomberg TV about how to position into the end of 2023.

Watch the interview here

Terri on Bloomberg TV: September Markets

Stocks and bonds continue to disturb investors. Terri sheds some light on what to do with anchors Shery Ahn and Haidi Stroud-Watts.

Watch the entire conversation here

Talking international stocks and recession

It's always upbeat and interesting to talk money with Chuck Jaffe.

Money Life Show interview with Chuck Jaffe

Bloomberg TV Asks Terri: What to do Right Now?

Markets have been volatile in August 2023. Bloomberg TV calls Zuma Wealth's Terri Spath to seek guidance for investors on what to do right now.

You can listen to the entire discussion here

June 23 2023 Bloomberg TV Commentary

Terri Spath discusses why stock market strength is likely here to stay in this 7-minute spot on June 23, 2023.

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Debt ceiling and more

Debt ceiling, inflation and more - Terri talks with the anchors of Bloomberg on what to do with your money in a May 2023 TV appearance.

Watch Zuma Wealth's Spath on US Markets - Bloomberg

Yes - the Federal Reserve may CUT rates in 2023 (April 2023)

We talk the latest on US stocks, international stocks and all flavors of bonds. Check out the interview here:

Additional Highlighted Media Appearances

Terri comments on inflation and oil on Bloomberg TV

OPEC is cutting output. What does that mean for investors? Terri jumps on to Bloomberg TV to provide insights. Watch the clip here:

Watch the entire March 2023 discussion here

My Worst Investment Ever

We enjoyed an entertaining, thoughtful and productive conversation with Andrew Stotz.

Spiking Treasury Yields (Sep 2022)

Terri weighs in on bonds and stocks as Treasury yields and gilts spike.

Terri Named Top 10 Inspiring Women

Terri's efforts to educate and assist women with their wealth earned her top accolades.

Seeking Opportunities in a Sea of Red

On June 24, Terri appeared on Bloomberg TV to encourage investors to seek opportunities in the "sea of red" that has defined 2022.

Bloomberg TV's "The Close"

Bloomberg TV in mid-May 2022 commenting on the continued sell-off in stocks (and bonds).

Sought out market expert- Bloomberg

TD Ameritrade Conference highlight