Terri Spath | Certified Financial Planner ​| Zuma Wealth CA

Terri Spath CFA, CFP®


Terri's tenure spans a quarter-century earning top performance marks stewarding billions of dollars at some of the largest investment shops, including Franklin Templeton Investments and Mercer Advisors. She brings the expertise that comes with managing money through the late '90s tech boom and bust, the 2007 recession, and the longest bull market on record that ran from 2009 to 2020.

A renowned expert, Terri is a regular guest on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and a sought-after industry speaker. She was named a "Top 10 Inspiring Women of 2022" by Industry Era Magazine and was shortlisted by the Women in Asset Management awards in 2019. Terri has been interviewed and quoted in hundreds of publications and lauded for making complex concepts simple.

Prior to forming Zuma Wealth, Terri was a Chief Investment Officer at two large RIAs. She also spent a dozen years at Franklin Templeton as a portfolio manager and analyst. Terri launched her career with roles at one of the largest investment banks on Wall Street in New York and at Fidelity Investments in Boston.

Terri's real-world expertise is rooted in a suite of top financial credentials: the CFA charter, the CFP® certification, an MBA in Finance from Columbia University, and an AB in Economics with Honors from the University of Michigan.

Terri started investing when her father introduced her to the concept of compound interest and she learned she could make money in her sleep.







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