Your One-page Wealth Action Plan

Terri Spath |

Why is money important to you? Are you seeking to feel more freedom? Flexibility? Safety? Time to do something else in your life? For many women, money and wealth is not about hitting a certain number or taking risks to outperform the market. It’s about what women can do with their money: start a business or help a family member start one, buy another home, support an important cause or just make sure you will have enough to give to loved ones in the future. 

For many women, it’s not about the money. We understand. It’s why we have taken all our experience managing billions of dollars for hundreds of people over the past quarter-century of bull and bear markets to create Zuma Wealth.

Here is how we do it:

Wealth Action Plan Specifically for Women

Our strategy helps you guess (because things change) where you want to go. The world, and your life, will be full of uncertainty. Plans change, the unexpected happens. We understand. But…we still to work with you to set:

- Two short-range goals (next 1-5 years)

- Two mid-range goals (next 5-10 years)

- One big long-term goal (10+ years)

While the process of planning for these goals can’t make the future any more certain, it will take care that you are ready and prepared for the challenges that will arise. We help you identify your goals, when you want to get there and how much they will cost.

We will help you on the way to determining what you have, what you owe, how much you have in income and where you are spending. Why? This is the foundation for getting to those short, mid and long-term goals.

We will deliver to you your customized (never one-size-fits-all) one-page (two-sided) Wealth Action Plan complete with:

- Your Financial Vision.

- Your Goals.

- Your Personalized Recommendations in areas including Retirement Planning, Saving, Tax Planning, Risk Management.

- Your Steps for the future.

Finding the right person to work with is hard. That is because the traditional financial services industry is not equipped to follow the steps we just outlined. We are a fiduciary financial planner and hold the gold-standard credentials for financial planning (the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, or CFP®) and for investment management (the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA). We are transparent about fees and compensation. We never have a conflict with your best interest (we won’t sell you our company’s products, insurance or things other “advisors” will present that may not be necessary for you).

Zuma Wealth, LLC, was founded in 2021 by investment professional Terri Spath, CFA, CFP®. Zuma Wealth is an independent financial services firm dedicated to assisting and empowering women with purposeful, data-driven investment advice and end-to-end portfolio management.  Client profiles typically reflect highly educated, professionally successful women who rely on Zuma Wealth to manage and apply their assets to optimize their lifestyle and life goals.