How Women Can Save More in 2023

Terri Spath |

Do you have a goal to save more in 2023? Do you have cash sitting around that should be productive and profitable for you? We can help identify the different account types where you should consider putting your money to work.

Perhaps you received a bonus, have a tax refund coming or want to consider ways to save more this year. Do you know whether you are eligible for and taking full advantage of pre-tax health care savings accounts, such as HSAs and FSAs? Are you optimizing your retirement savings, choosing between traditional and Roth options, obtaining the total amount of any employer match, and maximizing your contributions?

Our checklist provides a structured outline to guide you regarding available and appropriate savings strategies. You deserve a customized solution. We are never one-size-fits-all. Our checklist outlines more than 15 strategies to consider when you have cash or savings on hand.

Here are some areas in our guide that will help you find the best priorities and solutions for you:

- Foundational Savings

- Healthcare Savings

- Retirement Savings

- Employer-Provided Benefits

- Business Owner Savings

- Accounts to Help Future Generations

- Tax-Deferred Insurance Options


Identifying available savings opportunities and prioritizing across accounts can be complex and overwhelming.  We understand. While the checklist can help you identify different opportunities, we are always available to meet with you to discuss your finances and goals and determine what options best suit your unique circumstances.